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Anglesey’s Coast and Beaches

This stunning area of outstanding natural beauty can be explored through 130 miles/200 km of coastal paths circumnavigating the perimeter of Anglesey and Holy Island through farmland, coastal heath, sand dunes, salt marsh, foreshores, cliffs and woodland. The 125 miles of long, sandy stretches of exquisite beaches are there for perfect relaxation and lazy warm summer days or bracing, revitalising walks on blustery days.

Beaumaris Castle

Beaumaris, the last of Edward I's defense strongholds situated along the North Welsh coast, was a marvel of its time. It was built with an ingenious "walls within walls" style of architecture that was the 13th century equivalent of a spacecraft landing on Anglesey. In 1403, the castle was taken by Welsh forces during the Owain Glyndŵr rebellion, but the royal army recaptured it two years after. During the English Civil War in 1642, the castle was held by royalists, though it was taken by Parliament in 1646. It was part of a royalist rebellion in 1648, yet it was not destroyed and was garrisoned by Parliament. It was ruined by 1660, and later became a part of a stately home and park in the 19th century. Now, the ruins are managed by Cadw as a tourist site.

Cycling in Anglesey

To really take in all the stunning beauty of Anglesey, the best way to do it is by bike. Cycling is an excellent way to slow down, feel the breeze in your hair and appreciate the untouched landscapes and rolling hills that Anglesey is known for. Anglesey is a great destination for cyclists, with two of the UK's nine cycle paths located there. You could try the Lôn Las Copr (or NCN 566), a 36 mile route that goes around the northeast part of the island, and passes through a working windmill and the rocky terrain of Parys Mountain. Cycling it counter-clockwise allows for several challenging climbs. The Lôn Las Cefni is another option, a 13 mile car-free path that is great for the whole family and teeming with wildlife. And if you're keen for a more challenging experience, you could take the Tour de Môn, a cycling etape specific to Anglesey.

Eating Out

Fodol Cottages are situated a short 5-minute drive from the town of Menai Bridge which has a concentration of good restaurants and pubs to unwind and recount new, revitalising experiences at the end of an uplifting day.

Visiting Anglesey

Anglesey provides every opportunity to experience a diverse abundance of outdoor activities, rich historic heritage or indulgence in exceptional food and drink that the island offers. The wild mountain landscapes offer spectacular hiking, picnics beside contemplative mountain lakes, gushing waterfalls and babbling brooks. There is something for everyone of all ages, all the year round and the cottages are an ideal base from which to explore, well situated within easy reach of this diverse, picturesque area.